Sustainable Energy Solutions

Waste Management and Water Conservation are the two major challenges many countries are facing across globe. Since there is huge population growth on the earth during past 30 years, every country is promoting innovative methods to recycle wastage for better usage. In this regard many companies in India are investing to develop new methods, Svarin has tied up with Dhi Mahi from Chennai who have developed Waste Management solutions for Residential, Commercial Buildings(Hotel, Offices etc), Hospitals, City Corporation. The Solution convert the Waste to Manure which can be used for farms.

Our solutions include:

OFF GRID “DO IT YOURSELF BIOGAS KIT” solution for Household Kitchen Waste and for DIARY Animal Waste.

ORGANIC WASTE CONVERTER solution for Residential & High-Rise Buildings, Hotels & Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices & Factories and a DECENTRALIZED WASTE MANAGEMENT approach for Municipal Waste.

NON INCINERATION and ON-SITE MEDICAL WASTE DISPOSAL solution for handling HAZARDOUS BIOMEDICAL waste especially for Hospitals and Medical Institutions.

We’ve all been told, since childhood, that wasting food is bad — but it still happens. We buy food we don’t have time to cook. We forget about leftovers in the back of the fridge. We throw out food that’s stamped with yesterday’s date, assuming it must be dangerous to eat.
Our CLEAN and RENEWABLE ENERGY Solutions transform organic waste into energy.
Our “Organic Food / Farm Waste Factory” can transform the household food waste into cooking gas and organic liquid fertilizer.

For Waste Generated in Residential Buildings and Housing Complexes in Towns and Cities our “Organic Waste Converter” solutions can convert the Organic Waste into Soil Supplement.

Hotels and restaurants have food on buffet line for their customers. Many businesses also offer their employees buffet food in their offices and factories. The food is usually cooked on site or is brought from industrial kitchens outside of the business. And then, there are shopping malls with in-house cafeterias and restaurants where food is cooked and serviced to customers visiting the shopping malls.
In all of the above cases, the “left-over” food on the buffet line exceeds the safe food safety guidelines and needs to be immediately destroyed. Also, there is challenge on storage of this “left-over” food till it is collected and taken away by the local municipality.

If your facility generates waste quickly or you just want to streamline your services our “Organic Waste Converter” solutions help transform the “left-over” food and other non-segregated waste into organic soil supplement on-site itself. We offer a range of compactors and can help you manage waste more efficiently, save valuable space and save money with fewer pickups.
We have products for 50 Kgs to 1000kgs capacity Waste converter which will suit to different size buildings

We all generate Kitchen Food Waste as part of our routine and that waste is disposed off in the open or thrown out of the house. The cow is an integral part of Sustainable Rural Economy and dairy is part of the farming system in India.

75% of Rural Households own on average, two (02) to four (04) animals

About one third (1/3) of the Rural Income is dependent upon Cows

Dairy generates additional and regular sourced of income

80% of the Dairy business is in the unorganized sector

In household the kitchen waste and in dairy sheds and middle dairy farms, the dairy shed effluent/wastewater or manure from dairy cows can be converted into biogas using “Organic Food / Farm Waste Factory“. The biogas can be used for cooking in the household and for boiling and pasteurizing the milk before packing it. The organic liquid fertilizer generated at the middle dairy farms can be also packed and sold to marginal and small farmers.

For Dairy Farms with ten (10) or more cattle we can offer them a solution for generating up to 29 cubic meter of cooking gas every day.

City Restaurants generate organic food waste as an output of their operations. This waste can be converted into biogas kit and used by the Restaurants as an alternative energy source for cooking and boiling water. Also, the biogas kit ensures pollution compliance as the waste is processed in a much systematic manner and not dumped in open spaces.

Envomed converts bio medical waste into ordinary waste by shredding with simultaneous chemical disinfecting at the hospital site.
It is designed especially for hospitals and all kind of medical institutions to manage hazardous biomedical waste.

The Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) recently notified the new Solid Waste Management Rules (SWM), 2016. The new rules are now applicable beyond municipal areas and have included urban agglomerations, census towns, notified industrial townships, areas under the control of Indian Railways, airports, special economic zones, places of pilgrimage, religious and historical importance, and State and Central Government organizations in their ambit.

As per the “Municipal Solid Waste Management Manual Part 2” by the MINISTRY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT, Government of India ( ) – Decentralized community level waste management systems are preferred to centralized waste management solutions under certain circumstances. Decentralized waste management systems or community level waste management systems reduce the burden of handling large volumes of MSW at a centralized location, with corresponding reduction in costs of transportation and intermediate storage.
Some of the advantages of decentralised waste management include the following:

Decentralized systems allow for lower level of mechanization than the centralized solutions, and provide job opportunities for informal workers and small entrepreneurs.

Decentralized options can be tailor made for the local waste stream, climate, social, and economic conditions.

Decentralized systems reduce the cost incurred for the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste by the Urban Local Body (ULB).

Our Organic Waste Converter machines can be used for DECENTRALIZED WASTE MANAGEMENT by housing apartments and residential colonies, hotels, restaurants, caterers, malls, canteens & cafeterias, factory kitchens and flight and industrial kitchens into organic soil supplement to be used by farmers with capacity to process 25 Kgs up to 1,000 Kgs of organic waste in a batch onsite.
Our “Do It Yourself Biogas Kit” can also be used as a “Bio-STP” solution for Public and Community toilets in cities, towns and villages.