Network Protocol Analysis and Emulation

Network devices, like mobile phones, laptops, servers, etc, incorporate network protocols. Network protocols are rules the devices must follow to ensure the data flows correctly among all the devices. Software developers read the rules and then write code to implement the rules for their devices. That’s how devices communicate on the Internet. However, those network protocols/rules are very difficult to implement correctly. Sometimes the rules are vague or ambiguous, often something is missed. As a result, the protocols are mis-implemented on the device, creating interoperability problems, application failures, and/or security vulnerabilities. We have created automated network protocol test suites that automatically detect errors in the device. The errors are collected into a report with each error correlated with the corresponding rule. With this report, the software developer can correct the errors and execute the test suite to ensure proper operation of his device. Svarin is partnered with IWL to distribute Network Analysers and Emulators KMAX, Mawell Pro are superior products which has capability to test following Network protocols:

The network emulator helps network engineers test and measure performance in order to identify and remove defects. Network emulators turn well behaved development and test networks into the kind of slow, congested, and less-than-reliable services encountered on the internet. In addition, unlike the real internet, network emulators allow the operator to control these conditions so that products and apps can be subjected to controlled and repeatable tests, by routing selected packets through a series of impairment nodes. The Result:

▶ Deliver robust, high quality products and applications
▶ Accelerate time to market
▶ Eliminate guesswork and surprises
▶ Completely characterize your app’s network performance

We have another product SilverCreek which is the Authoritative SNMP Test Suite — designed to test implementations of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP agents) and standard and private MIBs (Management Information Bases). SilverCreek incorporates thousands of small, single function tests written in the Tcl scripting language to exercise one or a small number of parameters. The syntactic tests verify protocol compliance, error and exception handling, and boundary condition behavior. The functionality tests (semantic tests) verify performance, trap/alert/event/notification handling, counter accuracy, security, and many other implementation specific areas.

KMAX Network Emulator

Test and verify application performance under adverse network conditions with KMAX. Optimize applications and roll out high quality products with confidence.

Choose from 22+ predefined network scenarios & start testing immediately

Subject products & apps to controlled, customizable & repeatable tests

Route packets through basic & advanced impairment parameters including: packet drop, delay, jitter, duplication, corruption & rate limiting

Incorporate real or simulated network traffic

Customize network impairments to exactly match your desired environment

Completely characterize your app’s network performance with our network simulator

Eliminate guesswork & surprises

Accelerate time to market

Maxwellpro Network Emulator and protocol Testing

Reliably replicate real-world network conditions to optimize app and device performance before product release. Maxwell Pro emulates mobile, cloud and WAN networks, recreating all real-world adverse network conditions like network congestion, slow links, time outs, and other adverse network conditions.
Efficiently and accurately identify performance issues. Proactively address errors to ensure your customers have a solid experience when they get your hardware or software in their hands.
Choose from pre-built test scenarios, or build your own!

Inject any network, protocol, or packet level impairment

Graphic, command line or script driven interface

Fully programmable in C, C++, or Python

Support for 10 GE (ten gig) interfaces

SilverCreek SNMP Tester

Find and fix bugs in your SNMP stack / engine or your private MIB

Set up in less than fifteen minutes

Detect & diagnose implementation errors in private & standard MIBs

Find & fix bugs in SNMPv1, v2c, v3 stacks & implementations

Windows or Linux

Customize tests via Wizards, Script Generators, & more

Automate operation with unambiguous test results

Integrate our SNMP tester with other test harnesses & test tools

Includes conformance, compliance, vulnerability, robustness, security, stress, & performance testing

Investigate failures & quickly resolve them with powerful diagnostic & analysis tools